About – The Office Cake


Hi, I'm Sarah Paz-Claro.  I Love Cake!  By which, I mean that I love baking, decorating, eating and even talking about cake.  I was born into my mom's cake shop, Ana Paz Cakes and eventually launched my own brand along side my husband Eddy.  But instead of doing weddings and social events, we went a different route.  Our atypical concept serves the gift delivery and corporate gift markets as an alternative to sending flowers, gift baskets and fruit bouquets.  The Office Cake offers an online platform where you can easily order cakes for your friends, family and customers with a few easy clicks.   We offer delivery and can usually accommodate last minute orders.  

We are also deeply committed to giving back, and since our products have the convenient side effect of creating happiness, we have the unique opportunity to use them to bring cheer to those in need.  Click Here to learn more about how we give back to our community and visit our blog and social media networks below to learn more about what we are all about. 

We'd love to hear from you so please feel free to email us with your questions or comments at info@theofficecake.com

Sweet Regards,
Sarah Paz-Claro