Decorating the Trick or Treat Cake – The Office Cake

Decorating the Trick or Treat Cake

    Let's get started...

Things you will need to decorate this cake.

Qty. 1   Size 12" disposable tray

Qty. 2   Size 8"Cake (approximately 2.5" high)

3 Cups of Simple Syrup

1 Container of Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Fudge

1 Cup of Nestle Dark Chocolate Morsels

4 Cups of Green Buttercream and or Green Fondant

1/2 Cup of White Fondant

1/2 Cup of Terracotta Fondant

1/2 Cup of Purple Fondant

3 Cups of Gray Fondant

1 Mini Plastic Jack-O-Lantern

1 Pack of Wilton ready made Pumpkin Decorations

1 Lighted Ice Cube

 2 Icing Bags

1 #3 Writing Tip

1 Spaghetti or Grass Tip

1 Spatula

1 Rolling Pin

1 Cobblestone Mold

Green Food Coloring

Black Food Coloring

Green Fondant

White Fondant

Terracotta Fondant

Purple Fondant

Step I

After you bake your cake and let it cool, place it on the tray that you intend to use.  Then even out the cake by cutting the top.


Step II

Using a ladle, moisten the cake by spreading a full ladle of simple syrup over the top of the cake in a circular motion. Next spread dark chocolate fudge icing (such as Betty Crocker dark fudge icing) and a cup of chocolate chips (Nestle semi sweet morsels) over the top (not the sides).  Now place the other cake on top then cut the hump (as described in Step I)   Moisten the top portion with another ladle-full of simple syrup. Now use a knife to trim around the perimeter of the cake, thus removing any bumps to make it perfectly round.


Step III

Apply the icing.  Make sure you spread the icing and never lift your spatula off the icing straight up but rather sliding off the icing side to side.  Otherwise, you will get cake crumbs on your icing. 

Step IV
Making the "sidewalk" border

Sprinkle corn starch on a smooth surface to prevent the fondant from sticking.  Knead an orange-sized ball of gray fondant.  Now use a rolling pin to flatten and roll out the fondant.  Roll it until it's thin (approximately 1/16" thick) and around 36" in length.  Now cut a straight line from one end of the "sidewalk" to the other.   This will be the inside edge of the sidewalk that will rest against the cake.  Carefully pick it up and lay it on the tray, starting on one end and making your way around the cake.  Once you have the tray covered, use your spatula to cut the excess fondant around the edge of the tray.   Use the side of the spatula to make the sidewalk indentations.



Step V
Creating the details

Roll out white fondant and cut out three 2.5" x 2.5" squares.  Then using terracotta-colored fondant, cut three triangles 2.75" triangles and press them against a cobblestone textured mold.  Now roll out and cut purple fondant into a 4" circle.  Place the purple circle in the center of the cake.  Prepare a icing bag with green butter cream and a spaghetti tip then use it to make the trim on the edge of the fondant circle (pulling it upward) to look like grass.  Assemble the three houses next to each other using icing to stick it to the cake.



Step VI

Prepare a bag with black icing and a small writing tip then use it to draw the windows and doors on the houses.  I chose to use some ready made pumpkins found in the cake decorating aisles at supermarkets.  Now use the green bag to create the grass effect around the edge of the cake to top the cake then use icing to stick the Wilton ready-made pumpkins around the cake, as shown.  Use the black icing bag to write your Halloween message of the tray.  Fill half of the plastic jack-o-lantern with water and place it on top of the cake.  Place the ice cube lights inside. and change colors.