Thrill Customers, Brand Yourself, and Get More Referrals With The Gift – The Office Cake

Thrill Customers, Brand Yourself, and Get More Referrals With The Gift Clients Share on Facebook!


The right gift is enjoyed, reminds customers of your value AND will be shared with thousands on Facebook.

Let the world know you made a customer happy today.

Absolutely Delicious - Taste even better than they look
Great Thank you Gift - Research shows your customers gravitate where they really feel appreciated.
Leave a "sweet taste on their mouth" at the end of your working relationship.
Seize the opportunity to brand yourself. Give them something they will share.
Delivery at your customers' workplace so their coworkers' curiosity will lead to them to you.
Completely customizable with your picture and branding and/or your customers new property, cross street signs, google maps image, etc.
Add balloons with your business card tied to the curling ribbon.

Say Thanks

Does saying ‘Thank You’ matter to your customers? Only if you want referrals.
All marketers agree  it’s one of the most important elements of your marketing communication. Even airlines (least known for customer service) started saying “Thank you for flying _______ Airlines.”
Entrepreneur and best selling author, Gary Vaynerchuk, raves about saying thank you in The Thank You Economy where he expresses the importance of expressing appreciation to your customers.
Your customers feel under-appreciated at work, at home, and everywhere else!
Savvy real estate professionals who understand this simple concept have incorporated ‘thank you’ into their closing message. 

As a result, they have fewer complaints and higher customer satisfaction. 

And in the age of Facebook, Twitter and Yelp, customers are more likely to speak well of you to their social media network.  In short...

Thank You = Referrals


The Keychain

How many do you have?
How many have you thrown away? Would you ever post a key chain on Twitter?
Clients have just trusted you with a transaction of over $100,000.00  and you earned a healthy commission.  Don’t offend them with a key chain or pen that they know will only serve your needs.

For only $25, a personalized cake will actually be enjoyed, photographed, scrapbooked and most importantly, posted on they Facebook and Twitter page for everyone to see.
Real estate transaction can be very stressful for your customers.    
Many of our customers have made it a habit to finding out their customers' favorite flavors in the course of their relationship.  Then they have us send that “Guava” cake upon closing.  This let’s the customer know “He really listened to me”. If there, in fact were any misplaced grudges, they will be replaced with the reminder that you did it together.

Leave a sweet taste in your client's mouth.



In the age of Facebook and Twitter you should always be using Social Media-worthy branding.
Facebook has 800 Million users, each with an average of 130 friends and over half of all users logging on every day. 

Your Customer Cakes will be delicious. It will be enjoyed by your customer. It will make them smile and end the relationship on a happy note. 

But perhaps the best feature your cake gift is that it is prime for social media post, displaying your branding, photo and message.
Take it a step further and make a habit of taking a picture of your customer and/or yourself with the cake and be sure to post it on your own networks. 

Let the world know that You made another customer happy today.  The more you post the more “your circle” will notice how often you are closing and how happy your customers are.

Be the One Everyone Talks (or Tweets) About.



"Your cakes are so delicious.  My customers love them and I love being able to tag them on a picture of it to and show another satisfied customer."
Carlos Salomon

"Delivering it to my customer’s office was great because his coworkers were naturally curious of the cake and balloons being delivered to him and they all got to taste the cake and find out who I was and what I did for my happy customer."
Marta Portal

"Thank you. My customers bought a commercial property.  It was such a cool idea to add the picture store and google maps image of their new location.  It was truly a personal gift.  I will be using them for all my closings."
Ivan Hernan

How It Works

Choose a cake on our Real Estate Cakes Page.


Process your order and send any images for the cake to: (Or give us a call for a custom cake)


Sit back and wait for the referrals and appreciation to come in.


Or just give us a call and we'll make you something custom!


We could deliver it for you $15 in Miami or you can pick it up at our store. Same Day Orders (order by 3 PM)