Thank You Brain Hemorrhage – The Office Cake

Thank You Brain Hemorrhage

Ok, this may seem cliche but it's true.  After my brush with death my husband and I were changed.  Suddenly it didn't make sense that we were working ourselves into exhaustion, seven days a week, just so we could spend the little time that we had with our 4 year old son buying stuff.  And the more stuff we bough the more we had to work to keep it all.  

When doctors tell you that you should not be this healthy; that should have some kind long term brain damage or be otherwise permanently handicapped, then you realize you have been given a second chance.   At this point my husband and I knew things had to change.  While we always thought that, eventually,  when we were "rich enough", we would spend more quality time with our son and really give back to community, this experience makes you realize that there is no time to waste.  The train we were on had no final stop and we had to change now. 

So we did.  It was 2008 and our future was already uncertain.  Our investments were now liabilities and I could no longer spend countless hours as a, wedding planner, helping brides decide on the right shade of pink.  So we sold the business for peanuts and use those peanuts to start a cake shop on our own terms.  

1- No Weekends.  Those belonged to my son and my husband.  
2- No Weddings.  Their obsession with perfection make them very difficult and bitter customers.
3- E-commerce.  Keeping the ordering process easy would be a win/win for the client and ourselves.  Choose a design, a flavor and type in       the message you would like us to write on the cake.

Would it work?  Who knows, but it made sense to us and we had to give it a shot.  

Six months later we knew we had something.  Being daughter of Ana Paz (Ana Paz Cakes) certainty helped.  We took over a small office in her shop and got to work.  Now it's been three years.  While one of our driver does delivery cakes on Saturday mornings, they were baked on Friday, so the bakery is closed and my husband and I are completely off to enjoy our family and yes we still refuse to do weddings.

Within a year of our opening the franchise consultants that turned Edible Arrangements from a "Mom & Pop Shop" to a national franchise company were knocking on our door.  Turns out there is a big demand franchises with family friendly hours.  It seems that the economic crises has made a lot of people rethink their priorities.  Today we are franchise ready and looking for enthusiastic franchisees.

And through Kakes 4 Kids we are now completely committed to giving back. Read about our efforts with Kake4kids!

So my husband can't bring himself to say it but today I say "Thank you, brain hemorrhage for the wake up call"